ANETE (blueberry_b) wrote in haley_challenge,

Challenge #10

Challenge #10: Funny Hales.

This is a special challenge for your favorite Haley moments, where she has been funny/silly/goofy. We all know that there's a plenty moments like that. :) You can choose any hilarious scene with her you like or if you want to, you can iconize some of her funniest facial expressions.
Have fun!

General Rules:
You can submit up to 4 icons!
No animation, please.
Only use the pictures provided. 

Text, blending and anything else except animation is allowed.
Stealing icons from somebody else and entering them as yours of course is not allowed.

Search for screen caps HERE.

Submit your icon(s) by commenting on this post, please include the URL.

Comments will be screened.

Deadline: Monday, 24th November. 1st December

Here are some caps you can use.



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